Welcome to Wild Child London - the brainchild of celebrity fashion designer Star Yixuan Hu. We are a London based interior design practice specialising in creating unique and inspiring spaces from residential and commercial to hospitality and workplace interiors.

Many of our clients have a well-defined sense of taste, preferring unique styles over the mainstream. At Wild Child London, we work hand in hand to interpret each client’s passions and style, providing innovative, detail-focused bespoke design to include spatial plans, curating furniture, textiles, art and antiques. We are a conscience creative thinker, this means we make the elegant and extraordinary while having minimal possible impact on the environment. By using our resources or service, we can make the transformation and renovation both efficient and fun whilst remaining with your budget. 

As well as providing an interior design styling service, you can also shop with us! We travelled far and wide to carefully hand-pick the best independent lifestyle brands, offering flamboyant designs and eccentric decors for your home, working with small brands from around the world whilst keeping sustainability in mind, our shop is ethically sourced, and our products are handcrafted with love, passion and imagination.

We champion individuality and creativity. Shop with us to support the growth of independent ethical brands and with our ever evolving collection, why not sign up here to our Newsletter and keep up to date on new releases and exciting offers or follow us here on Instagram: @Wild_Child_London_Interiors_

We are Wild Child London - bringing your vision to fruition, making your space your very own masterpiece! 

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