Wild Child London is founded by celebrity fashion designer turned interior designer Star Yixuan Hu.

An embodiment of a wild child herself, Star was born in Beijing to a politician father and a doctor mother, where the regimented culture in China acted as a catalyst for her rebellious and liberal spirit from an early age. With their loving support, her parents had a bigger vision for Star, she was the lucky generation to escape to study internationally. It was during her education in New Zealand where she was able to explore her inner wildness within through mind blowing psychedelics, beach living and experimenting with the different tapestries of her existence.

Yearning for the sea, the winds of sails and for more foreign sands, Star then went on to travel many journeys to feed her vivacious soul around the world. Living in Nepal and Japan where she was deeply inspired by the bold colours, soulful patterns and creative energy. Star finally settled in London where she became an East London club kid in the early 2000s. Soon she was a regular feature of Richard Mortimers seminal club night of Golf Sale, Family and Boombox. It was out clubbing where she was scouted by The Eye Casting modelling agency which spurred a brief modelling career whilst studying BA in Fashion Design at the prestigious Istituto Marangoni. It was in this period where Star enjoyed her first glimpses of the mystical world of fashion.

Her colourful and multicultural upbringing enables her work to be a fusion of exquisite styles and extravaganza, bringing together and intertwining the different, thrivingcultures and avant-garde approach thatissynonymouswith London. A passionate exhibitor of maximalism, with an innate adoration for the city, Star uses London as her melting pot of creativity, crafting her interior designs with her own form of flamboyant expressionism whilst retaining a timeless and warm elegance.

Having successfully launched her own high-end fashion career at Paris Fashion Week; she surely knows a thing or two about style. In 2012, Star then went on to open her own retail store in the world famous Portobello Road, in Notting Hill, showcasing her bespoke couture collection. Designing for A-listers and Royals including Rita Ora, Bella Freud, and Lady Gabriella Windsor, to name but a few, gaining her enthusiastic international press coverage at British Vogue, Vogue China, and Tatler Magazine. After falling in love with her own property renovation in 2018, she has successfully transformed her high-fashion career to interior design and has since renovated numerous properties for clients around the world.

Are you a wild child at heart? Star created Wild Child London in 2020, helping you express your wildest dreams and inner creativity through decadent and sublime interiors. 

Now accepting international commissions, please contact Star via email or feel free to call our design studio on +44 (0) 20 3732 0742. We look forward to hearing from you!